The ELC Trust was formed in 2010 to specifically target youth and family needs in our community. The Trust provides information and assistance to potential donors, receives gifts in various forms and designations, manages investments, responds to extraordinary needs and opportunities in carrying out the church’s ministries, and acts as trustee to honor the terms of the gifts given by donors.



Out of the first sizeable gift that was given to Epiphany Lutheran Church, the trust was formed with a set of basic principles.

  1. The principal fund will be invested in the Mission Investment Fund through the ELCA. While providing a solid return, the money is being used in a valuable way.
  2. We will use only the interest off the principal to make donations. We will never spend the principal.
  3. The ELC Trust committee will meet quarterly to make decisions on how best to allocate the funds.
  4. The ELC Trust committee will take outside input from members of the congregation and beyond as to where and to whom the funds for that quarter should be donated.
  5. Our focus will be youth and family needs, but as most needs involve in some way youth and family, the possible recipients of donations remains a rather lengthy list.

Submitting Donation Input

Using a simple donation form to be found in the church office or by following the link here Donation Form, please write down your suggestion and your reasons why you believe your suggestion should receive this quarterly gift. Turn the form back into the office at any time and the committee will consider this request at the next meeting.

Consider Donating to the Trust

The only way for the trust to grow is through continued donations and one of the easiest ways to donate it to put the ELC Trust in your will. By many people adding to this trust from their will over time our quarterly ability to have a major impact increases exponentially.

Donations can also be made at anytime and for any reason to the trust.

Drafted April 30,2010

Need More Information?

If you would like further information about the ELC Trust Fund, please contact the church office at 510.278.5133 and we would be pleased to provide any information you may need.

Thank you for your interest.